It smelled like an orange from Kinder Joy or something like. It's fantastic for my skin.
This is my first time using this brand, and it's great for making your skin look bright and silky. It looks like you're making a Rose cake with a creamy thick texture.. as you apply the mask to your skin, you'll notice a cooling sensation.. as it dries, your face will look toned and lifted, and your skin will feel toned as well.. don't eat it by accident because it smells so good like Kaju Rose Barfi.
This pack's texture is extremely soft and silky. I'm completely smitten with this one. This product has exceeded my expectations. Really excellent product.
The smell of this mask is the first thing I notice. It effectively cleanses the skin. It gives it a beautiful shine, and the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory elements also help with acne. This one is fantastic. I already have a second one.
It's a fantastic product with a wonderful Neem aroma. The mask was simple to apply and caused no irritation to my sensitive skin. I would recommend this to anyone because it helps me lessen my tanned skin and gives me healthy shining skin.
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